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Leader Automated DVD Duplicator, CD Printers, Blu Ray Publisher, CD Copier.

A pioneer in the high-speed CD/DVD and Blu Ray Duplicator, Automated CD Printer, and CD Coating Alea Systems is an established world leader in CD/DVD Blu Ray Duplicator and CD DVD Blu Ray Publisher technology.

We don’t merely sell systems, like many of our competitors do. We design, engineer, and manufacture the hardware and software systems we sell WITH YOUR BUSINESS IN MIND!

We are pleased to offer you a comprehensive family of solutions not limited to: BD CD DVD Duplicator, Automated CD Printer, Automated Blu Ray Duplicator, BD CD DVD Publisher and CD DVD Coating.

Our innovative BD CD DVD copiers, CD DVD publishers and CD DVD Printing Systems serve both the standalone and the network applications.
Alea's MITO the new Publisher and Producer

Alea Systems is proud to announce that the software, the automation technology and the expertise used in its current industrial Frame-Accurate Duplication and Printing equipment is now available in a new family of all-in-one publishing systems called MITOs. Alea’s new MITO is equipped with the same features that Alea has developed in the last 20 years for its award winning controller-based duplicators. For many years, the main issue for the engineers was the duplication system data throughput. They were asking themself: should we develop a dedicated controller for high speed copying (Like Alea IDEMUX and Galaxy) or a PC based CD/DVD Publisher (Duplico.net). Unfortunately for long time the PC IO channels and the Hard Disc were not able to sustain the transfer rate necessary to burn CD and DVD in the shortest possible time. This is one of the reason Alea keept two separate products families. The GALAXY a synchronous stand alone copier and the DUPLICO a PC connected publishing system. Today the engineers have access to the Intel Multi-Core processors, serial PC back planes and E-SATA ports that combined together, deliver an impressive throughput. Alea was so impressed by the PC latest performances that we decided to merge the Galaxy and the Duplico features in an ALL-IN-ONE system: The MITO»


CD Printer: Pingo Jet
The Pingo Jet is designed for applications that require high CD printing definition and stunning colors .The CD printer Pingo Jet Pro has a built-in CISS (continuous ink supply system) for printing up to 2000 CD without refill at only 2 cent (0,02) per disc.
Automated CD Printer: Pingo Rep
The Pingo Rep Series is designed for applications that require Low/High volume of CD printing. The automated printer Pingo Rep 300 has 300 discs capacity;Pingo Rep 400 (400 discs); Pingo Rep 800 (800 discs).
Automated CD DVD Blu Ray Publisher
The Mito Series is designed for applications that require Low/Medium volume cd dvd blu ray publishing. The publisher Mito 200 has 200 discs capacity, up to 4 burners and network free license.
Automated CD DVD Blu Ray Duplicator
The Mito Series is designed for applications that require High volume cd dvd blu ray duplicator. The publisher Mito 400 and Mito 800 differs on disc capacity. They are network ready.
CD Coating
Thin Coater offers an extremely low running cost (0,01 cent) and a very effective way to long-term protect the Ink Jet printed surface of any disc. Available the automated version too.


CDClick i-Studio: CD DVD Blu Ray Duplication
CDClick i-Studio
Revolutionary "Short-Run CD/DVD Duplication" on-line service hosted in a web site and served by CD-Click, that combines Alea publishing servers with rock-solid Alea client software.
Automated CD DVD Blu Ray Publisher Software
Available in all cd, dvd, blu ray duplicators and publishers, works as a complete publishing system with unique one-off disc creation capability. Simultaneous asynchronous publishing.
Automated CD Printer Software
Available in all automated cd printer, works as a complete printer station software with the chance to work your job in queue mode. Embedded a label creator.
Video DVD Protection Software
DUPE-LOCK is the most advanced, cost effective and field proven DVD video copy-protection software for the MITO family of publishing systems.
CD Label Editor
Discus starts fast - ready in under a second when launched from hard disk. A professional tool must be powerful yet easy to use. That's why we have created an intuitive fully integrated interface.