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CD-Click Short-Run CD DVD BD Duplication and Printing Online 24/7
Revolutionary "Virtual CD/DVD Factory" on-line service hosted in a web site and served by CDClick i-Studio, that combines Alea publishing servers with rock-solid Alea client software.

Operation System:
CDClick i-StudioCDClick i-StudioCDClick i-StudioCDClick i-StudioCDClick i-Studio
CDClick i-StudioCDClick i-StudioCDClick i-StudioCDClick i-StudioCDClick i-Studio
Windows 7, Windows Vista,
Windows XP, Windows 2000
CDClick Network:

Combines Alea publishing servers with rock-solid Alea client software

CDClick (a member of the Alea Systems group of companies) has recently introduced a new on-line service for printing and duping CD and or DVD. This revolutionary "Virtual CD/DVD Factory" on-line service is hosted in a web site called and served by a client program called CDClick i-Studio.

Whats CDClick?

CD Click is a very innovative, Internet based solution for delivering High Quality Media to Companies and End User alike. CD Click Virtual Factory is a client server architecture that gives users fast access to the fully automatic factory (the Virtual Factory) without geographical restrictions. By combining the Virtual CD/DVD Factory with CDClick I-Studio (a powerful client software) and Fast Courier Service, CDClick offers an unbeatableNEXT-DAY delivery of up to 300 very high quality discs. Since the user creates the disc label, compiles the disc content (data or music) and uploads his multimedia job to CDClick "Virtual CD/DVD Factory", he actually manages a CD/DVD publishing system without the burden of owning it.

Why CDClick i-Studio?

CDClick i-Studio is indeed the only CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Virtual Factory environment that combines Advanced publishing servers with rock-solid client software. With the I-Studio, the user creates the label and the content of his disc, and to make sure that WYSIWYG, he prints and burns the disc with his PC. Prior to committing his disc to production, if everythings fine, he'll upload his project to the CDClick Virtual Factory. CDClick allows you to deliver 1 to 300 disc to his premises or his home as fast as next day.

Why the CD-Click environment is not like any other Service House?

With CD-Click hardware and software, you create the Virtual CD/DVD Factory a fully automatic BD/CD/DVD production line that is fed directly by remote users via a very advanced client software. As a publishing on demand provider, CD-Click offers its clients the opportunity and the conveniency of duplicating and/or Printing even a single disc. CDClick gives the user the tools he needs to verify at his premises or at his home that what he sees is what he gets prior to uploading and ordering the CD/DVD copies of his project. CDClick offers its clients an unprecedented piece-of-mind in committing to even their most complex projects.
CDClick i- Studio: Online Short-Run CD, DVD and Blu-Ray Duplication

With CDClick i-Studio, the CD/DVD traditional publishing wont stay the same for too long.
CDClick i-Studio is a freeware publishing program that allows expert and neophyte users alike to
create the content and the label of their disc at their home or premises.

When the job is validated, the disc image can be safely uploaded to CD-Click Virtual CD/DVD Factory
and the order placed online for one to hundred discs

This is what CDClick i-Studio can do for you:

  • Choose the best media for your project: CD, DVD, Blu Ray, MiniCD, MiniDVD, Biz Card CD
  • Create the ISO file with your digital content and burn your master disc with your PC
  • Create your music compilation with your favorite audio tracks and burn your master disc
    with your PC
  • Burn your disc to make sure your master disc runs or plays as expected
  • Serialize your labels, merge text with images and insert bar codes
  • Save your job for future use
  • Upload your job to CD-Click CD/DVD Virtual factory
  • Place the order for one to hundred discs online