Dupe Lock FAQ's    
  Video DVD Copy Protection - Anti Rip Protection.    

- What is Dupe-Lock?
- How does it work?
- How do I apply Dupe-Lock to DVDs?
- I can’t apply Dupe-Lock to the ISO
- I can’t burn discs from the ISO file
- How effective is it?
- Has it been tested?
- How reliable is it?
- Can a protected disc be copied?
- How is it working for customers now?
- Are there upgrades?
- How much piracy or unauthorised copying is there?
- Is the cost of licensing DUPE-LOCK justified?
- What is CSS?

What is Dupe-Lock?
Alea’s DVD anti rip copy protection technology helps content owners protect their digital assets. Dupe-Lock software provides a reliable anti rip solution whether protecting DVD videos, movies on demand (MOD), premium, corporate or other commercial and sensitive DVD content.

How does it work ?
Dupe-Lock is a passive anti-rip solution that encapsulates image files on a DVD disc causing access to the content by common ripping programs to be controlled. The original media content is not modified and play-back quality remains unaffected. This is achieved by introducing copy control encapsulation in areas of the disc that are not read by DVD players during playback. Copy controlled discs are designed to provide effective speed bump protection from unauthorised casual copying. Copy controlled discs have full DVD player playability matching that of unprotected DVDRs. Menus, special features and extras are unaffected and remain as the original.

How do I apply Dupe-Lock to DVDs?
Copy control is applied through our proprietary Dupe-Lock software authoring program which adds protection to the image file prior to burning. Once protected the ISO files can be burnt to disc using the MITO burn engine.

I can’t apply Dupe-Lock to the ISO?
Typically if an ISO isn’t recognized by the Dupe-Lock suite of software programs it is because the ISO is not compliant to the DVD standard. For example included non standard data in the video content in not in the DVD specification and Dupe-Lock will not work.

I can’t burn discs from the ISO file
The likelihood is that your video does not meet the DVD standard. Check to see that it conforms.

How effective is it?
No copy protection is insurmountable; what can be digitally put onto a DVD can also be taken off. Therefore, it is important to set expectations appropriately. The goal of Dupe-Lock is to make DVD video copying very difficult for the average person, thereby protecting the rights and profits of copyright holders. It is intended as a robust yet transparent anti-rip solution that can significantly help to prevent unauthorized copying of discs.

Has it been tested?
Independent external testing has been carried out on Alea’s DVD and CD Copy Control technology and confirms reliable levels of protection from mass market ripping programs while also achieving full playability on DVD players. The Testing Group and Testronic Laboratories independently test playability and ripping on computer operating systems and DVD players and confirms 100% playability on tested DVD players representative of the mass market.

How reliable is it?
The high level of copy protection, playability and simplicity of use are key factors in the continued success of Dupe-Lock. Whereas NO copy protection solution can be guaranteed to be 100% un rip-able, Dupe-Lock provides a significant ‘’speed bump’ in any attempt to rip and copy video content. Independent testing has shown both a significant level of copy protection robustness but also virtually 100% playability on the huge range of DVD players out there. We recommend that cheap DVDR media is not used as it can introduce playability issues.

Can a protected disc be copied?
Dupe-Lock performs very well against mass market ripping programs. In some circumstances when it is thought that it has been ripped it is found upon playback that the disc does not play the entire or part of the copied disc so in reality the copy is not watchable.

How is it working for customers now?
Dupe-Lock today is helping our customers secure their video content so helping to prevent the organized ripping and exploitation of their content, thus protecting their revenues and brands which is fundamental in the competitive video production world.

Are there upgrades?
Keeping ahead of the mass ripping technologies out there is an ongoing ‘’arms race”. Dupe-Lock is being continually developed to keep ahead in this race with typically two new versions being developed at any one time. Vigorous testing based on rip-ability and playability is the key criteria in the release of any new version to ensure that a high level of customer satisfaction is maintained.

How much piracy or unauthorised copying is there?
Optical disc piracy, a subset of the overall piracy market, is the illegal manufacturing, sale, distribution or trading of copies of motion pictures in digital disc formats including DVD, DVDR, CD, CD-R and VCD. The problem is widespread. In fact, over 400 labs for illegal duplication and replication of audiovisual content are discovered every year in the U.S.A. alone. In general, film copyright piracy costs just the U.S. economy more than $20 billion a year.

Is the cost of licensing DUPE-LOCK justified?
The main focus for the adoption of Dupe-Lock is where the content owner, film studio, videographer etc places a $ value in the content they produce. If the DVD is for marketing and promotion then it is unlikely that it needs to be protected. Value may be based on the reduction in revenues due to the loss of sales due to piracy or in terms of brand protection for corporate video content where there is a need to protect the content to prevent breach of copyright. Clearly if the content owner does value their content then they should be interested in understanding more about Dupe-Lock and how it will help to protect their valuable content. If a customer requires a 100% guarantee that their video cannot be ripped then they should be told that no solution can be guaranteed to such a degree. Independent test results show Dupe-Lock is a very secure copy protection solution with an extremely high level of playability and stands out well compared to its competitors in the market place. Dupe-Lock is also commercially attractive as it is based on a per burn charge with no initial set up costs required - this should make the cost justification discussion much easier.

What is CSS?
CSS is the Content Scramble System that is the industry approved legal standard to protect DVD video. People who have illegally copied DVDs containing CSS can be prosecuted by content owners. CSS does not provide protection from most mass market ripping programs.