MITO400 4/CD/DVD/BDPhoto - Disc Publisher and Producer
Automated CD Duplicator, DVD Publisher, Blu Ray Copier by Alea Systems
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Alea's new MITO 400 is an industrial grade, all-metal, all-in-one solution that offers CD, DVD and Blu Ray frame-accurate duplication and printing in a flexible Windows 2000/XP/Vista/W7 based production environment. With a 400 disc in/out capacity, up to four front-swappable 22XDVD, 52XCD, 10X Blu Ray state-of-the-art recorders and inkjet print capabilities MITO it's ready to an handle the most challenging production needs.

Key Features Include
2 OR 4 CD/DVD/BLU RAY Burners
Compact Foot Print

MITO Series
Compatible with windows7 32bit

Discus CD Label Editor embedded.
With this software you can create your label
easily and quickly.

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With this software you can connect any
network user to the server.
Free API License

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DUPE LOCK is an standard feature of the
With this software, you can protect your video DVD
from illegal copying. DUPE LOCK is licensed o a
pay-per-burn basis.

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CLUSTER UNIT available.
You can connect several MITO's units
to one server and control everything.
from one PC.


MERGE PRINT and SERIALIZATION available. allows you to create CD
DISC SERIALIZATION or printing BAR CODES is required.

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MITO Perfect Clone is the best FRAME ACCURATE DISC COPIER available today. It does not only copy a disc like most of the competive systems do but it does indeed creates a perfect, frame accurate copy of the master disc. Try it with CD-DA, Karaoke or CD Text discs and you'll not be able to notice any difference.

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Imagine a system that can copy the CD/DVD/BD that the PC refuses to read. Do you think such a system is not available yet? Well, it is not true any longer as finally this technology is made available to you as a MITO all-in-one system user.

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  Mito Software: Main Window Mito Software: CD Label Editor Mito Software: Create your trackinglist Mito Software: Drag and Drop your video dvd Mito Software: Drag and Drop your data cd Mito Software: queue jobs processing Mito Software: ECP client network mode  
MITO as a Publisher
  • Simultaneous asynchronous publishing with up to four unique jobs.
  • Works as a complete publishing system with unique one-off disc creation capability.
  • Event controlled Publishing and Job Streaming via drop-in, polled folder.
  • Use off-the-shelf readily available disc burners.
  • VIDEO DVD copy protection software.
  • Free network software.
  • Free text like API to easily integrate in your application program.
MITO as a Print Station
  • HP technology: 4800 dpi, 16.7 million colors and smallest ink droplet (4 pl) technology.
  • Photo-quality CD and DVD images with vibrant colors and crisp, clear text.
  • Print crispy text with Black cartridge only at up to 600x600dpi. No need to remove color cartridge.
  • Edge-to-edge printing on all media types with customized mask settings to insure exact prints.
  • Built in label editor allows the user to: Create text and change attributes, Import graphics, Reposition and delete text, graphics and dates
  • Positively verifies that all the tasks are correctly executed by monitoring the printer status interface and the Windows printer's spooler.
  • Accurately monitors and displays the ink level in the cartridges
MITO as a Disc Copier
  • Single or Multimaster, Frame Accurate Disc copy
  • bit-by-bit disc verification
  • Copies most of disc formats including CD-DA (Audio CD)
MITO.NET Software Features:
  • Free and unlimited network licensing
  • Intelligent media select to use CD and DVD on same system.
  • User Friendly Interface
  • MITO ECP (Event Controller Publishing) for creating applications. Simple ASCII text files allow you to easily write your own application to act as a "front-end" to fully automate disc content creation, disc label editing and job submission. Click here to see some example of job script.
  • User selectable job priority to determine placement in the queue.
  • Create Data CD or Video DVD from files or folder found anywhere in your network or PC.
  • Create CD-DA from MP3, WMA, WAV and Vorbis OGG audio files.
  • Job ID; Job status (queued, running, completed, aborted etc.); Number of required/completed /rejected copies; Job date and time; Media type; Image file name; Label file etc. All the information can be retrieved by any application that is able to read an Access DB. All JOB descriptors including system errors are permanently logged in an easily accessible Data Base.
  • 3 year warranty.
  • Engineered for 100% duty cycle and 24/7 operation.
  • Disc picker is designed to reliably work even after 500,000 loading/unloading cycles.
  • Rack and Pinion traction.
  • Loader is not embedded in the MITO case. In the unlikely event that the loader needs to be serviced, you don’t have to ship the whole system back but only a less than one cubic feet box holding the loader.

Loader is not embedded in the main case.
You can connect several MITO's units
In the event that the loader needs to be serviced
you have to ship just 3/4 kg box (cheapest maintanance cost).

General Specifications
Robotics Rack and Pinion High-Speed Loader
Disc Picker Four (4) fingers mechanical picker. Works even with unleveled disc stack. See Video Clip
Disc capacity 400 Discs
Number of drives 2 or 4
Supported media CD, DVD and Blu Ray (with BD option)
Drive interface SATA
Data Interface USB2 or High speed E-SATA (option)
CD Printer
Model Inkjet with optional 240 ml refillable CISS (continuous ink supply system)
Print method Thermal Inkjet, powered by HP
Ink Cartridges HP57 (CMY) and HP56 (K) ink cartridges that are widely available
Colors 16.7 million
Color Matching HP PhotoREt III enhanced color-layering technology included
Black Printing Print crispy black text at 600x600 dpi with black cartridge only. No need to remove color cartridge.
Ink Level Warning Monitors and diplay actual level of ink left in the cartridges
Environmental Requirements
Power 110VAC or 220VAC, 60hz or 50hz
Temperature 15 to 35 degrees centigrade
Humidity 10% to 80% no-condensing
Altitude 0 to 1000 mt operating, 0 to 4500 mt non operating
Technical Information
Size 60x50x60 cm, 24"x20"x24" with printer installed
Weight 12 kg, 26 lbs no printer installed, 19 kg, 41 lbs with printer installed
Minimum PC Configuration
  Intel Celeron Processor or higher, 2GB RAM or higher
  SATA2 100 GB or more free hard drive space, available USB 2.0 port
  For Blu Ray Disc models, two or more eSATA ports is required
  Windows XP or 7 (32 bit)
ECP (event controlled publishing) API Simple ASCII text files can be used for automated job submission allowing easy development of related applications;
Network Support License Free Client Software (unlimited number of users);
Job Submission Drop a ECP file to a polled folder to start the job;
Multiple User Support;
Limit and manage all network users;
Job Priority Select and place high priority jobs in the queue;
Job Logging Log date, time, quantity, user, image, label, start time, completion time, and access via ODBC drivers;

A variety of options are available to your MITO 200 system Blu-ray Disc Recordable Drives

  • Data interface: E-SATA
  • Fully configured and tested PC
  • Ink Fountain: continuous ink supply system for PingoJet CD Printer
  • 10000 CD prints kit
  • 40000 CD prints kit
  • 250ml CYMK ink bottle
  • 1000ml CYMK ink bottle
  • Business Card Adaptor Kit
  • Extended Warranty
  • Hot Swap Program


  • 3 year Return to Base warranty for the Robotics
  • 1 year return to Base warranty for Printer and Drives


  • Download product brochure: Mito.pdf
  • Download Help File: Help_Mito_Net_2E.chm
  • Download ECP client guide
  • Download ECP API Developers Guide: Mito.pdf